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Unlimited Hosting Features
Unlimited Features

A lot of customers write to us asking, "Your products look too good to be true, do you really offer unlimited web space and data transfer?" The answer is yes, we have included some more details below to explain how these features operate.

Unlimited Data Transfer

Unlimited data transfer is included with a number of our web hosting accounts. Only One Internet is able to offer this because we closely manage our network resources. We do not allow certain types of Websites to use our services, these are:

  • Adult content-orientated websites.
  • File distribution websites e.g. a website distributing large movies, software or MP3s.
  • Hosting banners, graphics or cgi scripts for other websites.
  • Storing pages, files or data as a repository for other websites.
  • Reselling or giving away web space under a domain, sub domain or directory.

Our customers host genuine business or home Websites and we have substantial capacity in our network to manage this. We can upgrade our data transfer with our providers within 24 hours should we need to.

Unlimited Webspace

Only One Internet operate a sophisticated web hosting platform that utilises large network disk arrays. If we need to add more web space we can do this with no downtime by adding more disks to the arrays. As there are multiple arrays, if one fails another one automatically takes over. As all data is synchronised this has no impact on any web sites or email hosted by Only One Internet. This dual system also allows us to carry out more complex upgrades by taking down any array and working on this while another array continues to serve our customers.

We are frequently asked, "If you run out of Web space will the web server be offline when you add more space?" The answer is no, there will be no interruption to your service.

All we ask is that files stored on your account are linked to or related to your website.

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.com Domains From £6.99

.com Domains From £3.99

Take advantage of the lowest price in the UK and you only have to register for ONE year.

£300 Free Web Tools

£300 Free Web Tools

Resources and free software to help you design and manage your site.

eXtend Control Panel

eXtend Control Panel

The worlds most powerful web hosting control panel - designed for you.

Free Website Builder

Free Website Builder

Many of our hosting accounts come with our FREE Website Builder Software.

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